The Regional Center for Training and Development of the Civil Society


The Regional Center for Training and Development of the Civil Society (RCDCS) is none for profit Sudanese capacity development center.RCDCS was registered in February 2013 under the National Council for Training in Sudan. RCDCS worked for 6 years- from 2006 to 2013- under the name of the Institute for Development of the Civil Society (IDCS), which has been upgraded in mission and coverage to be   RCDCS. RCDCS is established to contribute to the development of a viable and vibrant civil society, which plays an effective role in the democratic transformation and sustainable development of Sudan.

Since its inception RCDCS contributes to the process of peace and development in Sudan through implementation of programs and projects that focus on management of diversity and respect to different cultures, promotion of dialogue, and development of relationships in a process that contributes to empowerment of the Sudanese communities, especially the grassroots communities. RCDCS believes that building trust and relationship is vital to achievement of peace and inducement of development in Sudan.

RCDCS also plays a pivotal role in contribution to the efforts which aim at reforming educational curriculums taught in the Sudanese schools and universities. Strategically, RCDCS believes that curriculums reform is important to provide qualified Sudanese candidates equipped with knowledge and skills in areas like Peacebuilding and Human Rights. RCDCS believes that continuous capacity development is a key factor in improvement of the efficiency of the human resources especially the youth. Therefore it provides tailored made trainings linked to the overall development of the Sudan. RCDCS provides trainings for professionals in the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other interested individuals working in public and private sectors.

RCDCS has a wide geographical coverage. The center works in almost all of the states of the Sudan. Programs and projects of RCDCS are designed to meet the needs of all segments of the communities, yet RCDCS has special focus on women and youth. The center has special strategy to improve youth employment and women economic participation and leadership. The center focuses on implementing of studies and surveys to inform the development of its projects and activities. The studies implemented by the center include: economic situational analysis/ surveys especially in the informal sector, studies on the education and educational curriculums, CSOs/ NGOs mapping and situational analysis.