The Regional Center for Training and Development of the Civil Society

Peace and Community Development program

Peace and Community Development Program (PCDP):

The PCDP aims at widening and promoting the pro-active participation of Sudanese Citizens in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and public policy-making. The activities of the PDP take various shapes: conduction of workshops, roundtables, training courses and programs, developing of advocacy materials among other similar activities. The activities cover wide thematic areas such as: citizens’ participation, governance, human rights, political participation, youth participation, conflict resolution, Peacebuilding, women participation, gender mainstreaming, elections, violence prevention, among various relevant themes to achieve the above objective; the PDP Program operates –through staff and partner organizations- across the country. DPP Program adopts a participatory approach in its activities aiming at deepening the Knowledge, enhancing skills and changing attitudes.

Projects in this program focus on areas such as:

  • Provide capacity development support for workers in the informal sector (women and men) in the various states of the country. Support provided for these workers included helping them to build a network for protection and to maximize the opportunities to access available sources of finance.
  • Development of the capacity of the Sudanese CSOs in order to be engaged as partners in the development process in Sudan.
  • Projects go beyond the CSOs to focus on the legitimacy and the capability of the CSOs to mobilize its constituencies to participate in the decision making.